Collective Impact

circle-arrowCollective Impact is a framework to promote social change with cross-sector collaborations. Partners work together to promote a common agenda, shared measurement, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, with support from a backbone organization to increase the impact of their efforts to address complex issues (Kania & Kramer, 2011).

The Tri-Valley Anti-Poverty Collaboration utilizes partnerships with government, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, schools, philanthropic organizations, businesses, and citizens.

Examples of TVAPC Collaborations include:

  • TVAPC / EBHO / All In Alameda County collaborated to provide community education forums.
  • TVAPC collaborated with CAPE Head Start to conduct Community Listening Sessions.
  • TVAPC Housing Committee conducted a Community Needs Assessment to obtain information about Tri-Valley housing needs and plans across Dublin, Livermore, and Pleasanton.
  • Asbury United Methodist Church added meal service for two additional days per week for Open Heart Kitchen.
  • Stanford/Valley Care coordinated temporary food storage and meal assembly location for Open Heart Kitchen.
  • Axis Community Health added monthly food distribution, including fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Marilyn Ave Elementary School provided cooking education, diapers, food distribution and literacy materials in partnership with Axis Community Health, ACCFB and Child Care Links.

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