Welcome to the Tri-Valley Anti-Poverty Collaborative


The Tri-Valley Anti-Poverty Collaborative welcomes participation from all Tri-Valley community members.  

If you are interested in learning more and/or getting involved in the work, please contact the Project Manager at kmiller@tvapc.org or fill out the form below.


Membership Agreement

By becoming a member of TVAPC, I support the purpose and mission of the organization.  We strive to create an environment that supports open dialogue, respects members’ contributions, and promotes productivity and learning.

As a member of TVAPC, I understand my duties to include:

  1. Maintaining on-going familiarity with and participation in the work of TVAPC.
  2. Interpreting the organization’s work and values to the community.  Representing the organization as ambassador and advocate.
  3. Recusing myself from discussions, decisions, and votes in which there is an identified conflict of interest.
  4. Participating actively and respectfully, finding common ground and reaching consensus when possible.
  5. Recommending/recruiting new members who may be valuable contributors to the organization’s mission.
  6. Contributing knowledge and other resources as applicable to organizational goals when possible.

Voting Guidelines

Members and organizations are permitted one vote per issue.  In the event of a Member’s absence, a Member can assign a proxy from his/her organization to vote (if he/she is representing an organization).

Tri-Valley Anti-Poverty Collaborative
Membership Application





    Please select your affiliations:

    Resident of the Tri-ValleyFaith-Based Service OrganizationSchool DistrictService ClubFoundationBusiness CommunityNon-Profit OrganizationCommunity-Based OrganizationGovernment

    I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to support the mission of TVAPC.

    This agreement will remain in effect for the duration of the Member’s participation in the organization.

    I accept these terms.