SHARE Program Open to Local Residents

The Independent
Posted: Thursday, April 26, 2018 12:00 am

The Project SHARE program is available to Livermore and Pleasanton residents through ECHO Housing.

Project SHARE was started in 1981 by the Gray Panthers. They saw shared housing as a possible solution to two problems facing communities: increasing rents and the institutionalization of older adults. After creating Project SHARE, the Gray Panthers looked to ECHO Housing to administer and carry out the program.

The most common arrangement involves two people, one of whom moves in with the other. Some participants provide services in exchange for full or partial rent. Special arrangements can be made to meet the needs and preferences of all parties. Sometimes placements can occur in as little as a week, but more often a longer time is needed to find just the right housemate.

According to ECHO Housing, shared housing can provide companionship, decrease isolation, reduce the cost of housing, and minimize homelessness.

With the rent exchange option, a home provider is matched with a home seeker who pays rent.

Service exchange can involve matching a home provider with a home seeker who provides services in exchange for all or a portion of the rent.

All residents of, or persons who want to live in Livermore or Pleasanton are eligible to participate in the program, either as home providers or home seekers.

Project SHARE will conduct background checks and seek references from all applicants in the program.

For information call 449-7340 or go to