When an abusive partner puts a person’s life in danger, often the victim struggles to stay safely housed if they cannot afford to pay for rent and childcare and transportation and other necessities after separating from the abuser, or who must move to a new place or go to a shelter if they are unable to afford deposits on rent and utilities. The high cost of housing may mean that a victim spends many months in shelters while saving move-in money or waiting for their name to come to the top of waiting lists for affordable housing.

Tri-Valley Haven has received a grant from the California Office of Emergency Services to implement a Domestic Violence Housing First program which provides case management, assistance in locating and applying for housing and short term financial assistance to help survivors of domestic violence maintain or obtain housing when leaving an abusive relationship. The Case Manager will assess a client’s needs and assist the client in developing a housing plan. The Housing Specialist will develop leads for affordable housing, conduct outreach to landlords and assist clients who have need help going through the process of applying for housing. The program can also provide help with move-in costs, temporary rental assistance and help with other housing-related costs, such as changing locks, repairing a car necessary to get to work or assisting with other job-related costs to enable the survivor to develop income in order to become self-sufficient.

“We are very excited about this program,” said Leah, the program’s Case Manager. “This will allow us to help many more survivors than ever before to be safe in a home of their own.” For more information, or to request assistance from Tri-Valley Haven’s Domestic Violence Housing First program, call Leah at (925) 449-1664 X 2403.